Caring for our Cattle

We Care For Our Cattle

Ever since Sam was a young boy, watching stud bulls being prepared for the local Guyra Show, he has been passionate about caring for cattle. When he returned home and had 40 bulls trained to the halter ready for the annual on property sale, his connection with cattle continued.  
Today, Bald Blair no longer shows stock at the local Guyra Show, but the care taken for the cattle remains. 
From the weekly stock checks, regular yarding of stock for preg testing, weaning, joining and calf marking, the Bald Blair stud and commercial herd is well monitored. 
We also use a number of management tools and accreditation procedures to assist in providing the best possible care for our cattle and our people.

Livestock Production Assurance program (LPAQA)
Bald Blair is a proud member of the Livestock Production Assurance program (LPAQA), which is the Australian Livestock Industry's on farm food safety program. It meets the stringent requirements of our domestic and export markets, providing an assurance of the safety of red meat grown on Australian farms. As an LPA accredited producer we maintain records that demonstrate compliance with LPA requirements. To ensure our compliance is up to date we undertake a voluntary annual audit with an Aus-Meat accredited auditor. See

Biosecurity Plan
We have just updated our biosecurity plan with our local vet Dr Leisa Brown BVSc as to meet the requirements of the LPAQA and remain a disease free herd.  We have been independently assessed as J-BAS Level 8, the highest level of biosecurity in the new scheme.    A copy of our biosecurity plan is available by using this link.

Bald Blair has been a member of the Cattlecare program since 2001. The Cattlecare program was initially developed by the Cattle Council of Australia (CCA). Since the introduction of the LPA Food Safety program, Cattlecare has been incorporated into the grass fed industry's LPA QA program. See

European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS)
Bald Blair has been a member of the EUCAS since 2005. Farms must be EUCAS accredited if they want to produce animals that can be used to produce meat for export to the EU. See

Duty of Care
Our team have all signed a duty of care statement on animal welfare, acknowledging that they have a duty of care for the welfare of livestock at Bald Blair and our associated properties. This is in conjunction with the Primary Industries Standing Committee Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals, Cattle, 2nd Edition PISC Report 85.

Australian Cattle Veterinarians
We work very closely with Dr Leisa Brown BVSc Hons 8292 the owner and manager of Guyra District Veterinary Services. Leisa is a member of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians (ACV) Association. Each year before our annual on property bull sale, Leisa conducts a ACV Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation on each bull listed in the bull sale catalogue. This test includes:
• A physical examination,
• Examination of the reproductive organs,
• Semen collection and assessment of gross motility,
• Semen morphology – with samples being assessed by an accredited morphologist at the Australian Veterinary Semen Morphology.
Leisa is always on call for any other cattle husbandry requirements when required and we greatly appreciate her skill and availability. See for more details.

Angus Society of Australia
Bald Blair is honoured to be a member of the Angus Society of Australia. While Bald Blair has been breeding angus cattle since 1898, the Australian Angus Society was not formed until 1919. The first herd book was published in 1922 and listed 14 members include Sam’s grandfather HF White. Bald Blair is now the oldest angus stud in Australia, a title shared with Eastern Plains and Tangley Angus Studs. For more information about the Angus Society of Australia see their website:

Low Stress Stock Handling.
In February 2017 we were very pleased to host a low stress stockhandling school at Bald Blair with Rod Knight. It was a great opportunity for Sam and Kirsty to do the school again and for Brian and Sarah to learn the LSS skills at the Bald Blair yards. The vision for LSS is to make the world a better place for people and animals. It is about people, production and profit – where attitude is everything. Their mission include:
• To foster an environment of low stress interaction between people and animals.
• To impart knowledge that promotes a positive attitude to low stress stockhandling.
• To show people the economic benefits of a low stress environment.
We really valued being able to host a school for our clients, neighbours, and industry representatives. Please contact us if you would like to do a school, and if numbers permit we can do it all again! See for school dates and details.

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